A Vertically-Integrated Hemp Supply Chain Solution Fueled by Best in Class Entrepreneurs & Fortune 500 Talent.

Fairplay Ventures

Fairplay Ventures is a vertically integrated solution to the hemp supply chain.  Soil Health FairPlay Ventures utilizes leading edge soil science to ensure maximum yield;Genetics – PuraPlus Genetics brings 16 generations of breeding in an exclusive seed offering.  Farming – PuraPlus Agriculture maintains 20 indoor greenhouses for seed cultivation and sharecropping for up to 10,000 acres.  Processing – MSE labs opens the processing bottleneck with  the most efficient, cleanest machinery in the business.  Product – Infinite CBD offers a full range of Droppers, Gummies, Capsules and Topicals to the marketplace.

The challenges of the past are met with the complete vertical solution that is Fairplay … The best entrepreneurs in the business merged with top fortune 500 talent … Come grow with us!

The Future of Hemp

Multiple expert sources forecast the Hemp size of market to be in the $25B range for 2025 … This is a 5 x increase from 2020 levels. Expanded use of the Hemp plant is expected in: Food Human, Food Pet, Textiles, Paper, Building Materials, Industrials and Personal Hygiene Products. The rate of speed for this expansion will be based on legislation for food along with the building of a new supply chain to enable commercialization. Farmers everywhere are welcoming this expansion given the plant’s ability to grow fast, suppress weeds and improve soil conditions.

Problems to Solve

Fragmented Market

Inability to Scale

Niche Leadership

Lack of Consistency

State and Federal Complexity

'Wild West' Environment

The Fairplay Solution

Vertical Solution

One Stop Shop

Entrepreneurs & Fortune 500 Talent

Rock Solid Infrastucture

Compliance Experience & Focus

Safe Path Forward

Complete Control → Predictable Results

Problem to Solve

Farmland around the world has been critically degraded by poor farming practices,leading to reduced crop quality and an over-dependence on synthetic fertilizers (i.e., increased costs).


Fairplay Solution

MyLand Company, an Ag Tech company located in Phoenix, AZ that dramatically increases the productivity of farmland by invigorating the soil microbiome with its proprietery technology, the MyLand System.


Path to Scale

Initallly target Southwest U.S. and Northwestern Mexico regions (more than 15 million irrigated acres). Expand to other domestic and international regions thereafter utilizing strategic partnerships.